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Employees say:


“Yes, the amenities are awesome, but the thing that is hard to quantify is the type of people SAS employs. I’m surrounded by kind, fun, helpful people who genuinely care about me, my success and our company’s success.”


“My manager, my team and everyone I come in contact with has positively impacted me in some way. My manager is someone I consider to be so much more than my boss— through their leadership, patience and ability to teach. I have earned two promotions in the three years I have worked here. When I wake up in the morning, I can honestly say I look forward to coming to work. I LOVE my team, I love the people I have the honor of interacting with, and I love the work I do. I have so many close friends that dread waking up in the morning and going to work. I commute an hour and 10 minutes one way because my job means that much to me. I pull onto the property and there is beautiful landscaping and a security officer smiling and waving to welcome me in. When I enter my building, there is a receptionist who greets me every single morning with a big smiling “good morning Sunshine!” When I walk down to the break room for a cup of coffee, people who are rushing in to get their morning started still take the time to make small talk and tell you they hope you have a great day. We work a 35 hour work week whereas most companies work 40. Everything about SAS is unique. People out in the community who know I work for SAS will 10 out of 10 times say “wow, that’s an amazing place to work!” All I can add to that is it has been even greater than I ever imagined it could be and I will continue to be a part of this family for as long as I am welcome.”


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Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
Cary, North Carolina
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees1,388
Millennials as % of total workforce19%