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    Employees say:


    “When I have a [hard time] they are there: not just my direct team but leaders going all the way up to the top. I have worked for large banks prior and not once have I felt like going to work relieves some of the stress of my daily life outside of it.”


    “Coming from a larger institution, it is clear management has done an outstanding job at building this company and maintaining the culture. The hiring practice to hire experienced professionals who fit the culture helps drive success of the company. It is clear what my job is and I have full authority, freedom and responsibility to do it without being micromanaged, yet always knowing senior management is available for anything I need. The importance of balance is highlighted and given to associates to define and live out what that means for them individually. Kudos to the management team on a fabulous place to work! There is no place I would rather be!”


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    Company Info

    Financial Services & Insurance
    Year founded
    HQ location
    Nashville, Tennessee
    # of work sites
    Web address

    Millennials in the Organization

    # of millennial employees458
    Millennials as % of total workforce20%