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Employees say:


“Limeade really buys what it’s selling. Employee well-being is such a HUGE focus here and it shines through from the executive team all the way down. Managers and peers regularly go out of their way to ensure that I’m doing well.”


“The CEO makes an effort to know everyone and sits in a cube with the rest of us. I refer people to work here all the time, telling them how amazing the company is and how exciting the vision is! They do an amazing job at hiring individuals who work hard, with very different backgrounds and interest. Still, we all get along and enjoy each other. I have made life-long friends here and view them as family rather than co-workers. Everyone wants to help and to form a cohesive team.”


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Company Info

Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
Bellevue, Washington
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees105
Millennials as % of total workforce55%