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Employees say:


“I left Encompass for a short while and quickly found myself wanting to be back here because of the culture and opportunity for growth within the company. Work is easier when you are surrounded by other employees engaged in a cause we all believe in.”


“There isn’t a single executive who won’t take the time to answer basic HR questions all the way to the most complex documentation questions. Regardless of our position, the timeliness of how emails get answered is amazing. I was the youngest to be hired in our Rocky Hill branch, but not a single person who was employed viewed me as a kid, instead I was greeted and treated in the highest regards. No company can promise something as unique as Encompass can. We’re all highly dedicated individuals and different programs help us see each other as equals. Whether it’s through T.E.A.M (Think, Engage, Act, Motivate) or through morning meetings, we all grow together. For the faith Encompass has placed in me, I am beyond grateful to work for this company. ”


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Company Info

Health Care
Year founded
HQ location
Dallas, Texas
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees2,485
Millennials as % of total workforce29%