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Employees say:


“The entrepreneurial mentality is alive and well. Since employees are splitting 100% of the companies profits, there is a unified team atmosphere that would be impossible to replicate. Employees genuinely care about the success of their peers. ”


“We are employee owned, everyone is working for everyone. It truly is a team effort, and you can tell as soon as you walk into the building. Co-workers are constantly checking in on you to make sure you don’t need anything or have any questions. Co-workers are constantly asking to hang out outside of work and mix personal lives (happy hour, tennis, golf, basketball, food, etc.) Bottom line is that everyone truly cares for and respects everyone else. If a co-worker fails, the entire team fails with them. If a co-worker succeeds, the entire team succeeds. While there is obviously an individual aspect to this job, it is ultimately a team effort that makes this company so great. Facilities are fantastic and up-to-date, co-workers are phenomenal, overall work environment is unprecedented for me.”


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Company Info

Professional Services
Year founded
HQ location
Kansas City, Missouri
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees2,727
Millennials as % of total workforce50%