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Employees say:


“Asana has radical transparency. Every new employee is blown away with how much is entrusted to them and how much is shared with everyone. In that way, announcements or all-hands feel less corporate and more like family business.”


“Asana pays an inordinate amount of attention to making employees feel empowered, included, and valued for their contributions, especially when compared to peer companies in the tech sector. We set a high bar for the quality of the work we put out and the internal processes we follow to produce. I also appreciate the Asana’s commitment to work-life balance. We often talk about it in terms of “”work hard, live well”” — and I think Asana actually walks the walk as much as it talks the talk in this regard.”


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Company Info

Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
San Francisco, California
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees225
Millennials as % of total workforce86%