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Employees say:


“They not only invest in professional education to further your career, but invest in you on a personal level. They understand that a happy workforce is stronger than an unhappy workforce and that it starts with each individual.”


“The opportunities for growth and leadership are endless. As a young woman, I know there are no limits as to where I can excel to, especially with the amount of women in leadership today. Recently, seeing a woman rise to the president’s position has been very encouraging. I also don’t ever feel discriminated against because of my age, and that has not been true at other companies. Even though I am the youngest in my department, I have been given a leadership position and am given the same responsibilities as colleagues who have been here for decades. I feel very blessed to work here.”


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Company Info

Financial Services & Insurance
Year founded
HQ location
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees529
Millennials as % of total workforce29%