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Employees say:


“I worked here as an intern in 2010 and was offered a full-time job before my internship ended. I loved my team, my boss(es) and what I was working on, and I stayed there for five years. Then I quit my job to travel for 18 months. Afterward, I emailed my old boss to ask about openings and found out there was one, but not in an area I wanted to move to. They moved the position to another city just for me. Zillow manages to keep things personal and agile even though it’s pretty big. I love it here.”


“People matter here—it’s that simple. I have never seen a company that cares so much about the employees on an individual level. We are blessed with leadership that genuinely cares about us. If I’m sick, or sad or frustrated not only will my supervisor recognize I’m not 100% that day, she will take the time to check in with me and offer her support and understanding. On a grander scale, our executive team cares just as much as local leadership. Our CEO visited the office my first week with Zillow Group. He walked up to my desk, shook my hand, and welcomed me to the team. Beyond that, so much time and money is spent making the employees feel at home in the workplace. I am thankful every day to be lucky enough to work for this company. I could never imagine working anywhere else.”


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Information Technology
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees1,812
Millennials as % of total workforce69%