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Employees say:


“While there are many unique things that set this company apart, I’m going to focus on the genuine interest here in developing individual employees. Many companies say they care about their employees, but few make it an actual priority. During my 1.5 years at the company, I’ve felt that my bosses genuinely care about my professional development. For example, I was informed that if there was ever a training for a particular skill I was interested in, that they would be willing to invest in me. Also, there is frequent discussion not only about how the projects I’m working on are going, but how that is aligned with my development as a professional, and a desire to put me in roles where I can grow. There is also a very open line of communication to discuss these issues if I ever have any concerns.”


“The executive leaders of this company are exceptional. Through the years, they have taken great strides in ensuring this company is a great place to work, while providing excellent service to our customers. They truly cannot be surpassed in terms of the care and vision they provide to their employees. They are down-to-earth individuals who embrace the core values with passion. It’s because of them that this company is unique and unusual. There are so many benefits they provide—like the health clinic, profit sharing, 401k match, paid leave (maternity, paternity, adoption, etc.), special catered meals, community contributions, and more. There is so much this company does for their employees. It is because of this that the turn over rate is low for full-time employees.”


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Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
St. Louis
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees2,096
Millennials as % of total workforce56%