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Employees say:


“Walker & Dunlop genuinely cares about your personal life and understands that your job here should not dominate your life. I was recently in a meeting that included members of senior management where we were looking for a time to schedule a follow-up meeting. One person in the meeting said that a certain time wouldn’t work for him because he needed to leave early that day for his son’s sporting event. The fact that he felt comfortable telling senior management that speaks to the importance WD gives to your life outside of work. Also, the entire group completely understood and without asking any questions chose another time for the meeting. Obviously this is just one small example of this but it stuck out to me when it happened. Since I have been at Walker & Dunlop, I have had two managers. I don’t think it’s a coincidence or a fluke that I have had two of the most incredible managers I could ever ask for. They genuinely care about my career goals and development and want to help me achieve those things.”


“The company is large enough to be able to support its employees financially and provide ample supplies, equipment, and training to make getting the job done as easy and efficient as possible. What makes the company unique is that despite its size, management is still able to connect with and meet the needs of each employee. The work atmosphere encourages collaboration and innovation from all levels. It is not at all discouraged to reach out to any of the C-level executives with any idea or comment, which in my opinion, makes W&D truly unique.


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Financial Services & Insurance
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees228
Millennials as % of total workforce44%