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Employees say:


“Vynamic has created a very healthy work culture. Leadership encourages work life balance through a program called zzzMail. Employees are not allowed to send email between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or on weekends to have respect for their coworkers’ personal time. Vynamic also has a ‘healthy hour’ on Fridays! Many Fridays, a workout is held in the office, hosted by an employee or someone from a local gym. Vynamic a has a ‘Be Your Best Self’ program that will financially support a quarterly goal up to $100, so that employees can work toward being their best self.”


“We are in control of where we work and what we do. This is a motto, but also the true way people work here. As a part of the consulting team, you will never be forced onto a project or a work location; you always have a say in the projects you work on or propose, and you get to work with leadership to shape your role. This truly lets you be in control of your career and personal/professional growth which is a stark contrast to past consulting jobs I’ve worked at that put you wherever they wanted without involving you in the decision process.”


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# of millennial employees63
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