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Employees say:


“I truly believe that this company is unique. Often at many other companies you need to be in the ‘ol’ boys club’ before anybody will listen to you. At VMware, you really can contribute to any project and are judged only on technical merit—not on seniority, membership in some project or group, or connections. In a similar vein, VMware is a truly open company—it’s not a secret what the people next door are working on, you don’t need ‘permission’ to contribute, even if your day job is something else. This encourages people to look outside of their immediate domain and seek personal growth.”


“One unique aspect of our company is our commitment to the environment. Even though we’re a software company, our facilities are built with extremely sustainable practices. We go out of our way to maintain the plants and wildlife surrounding our Palo Alto headquarters, and all of our offices do their part to help with conservation. It’s nice to have such a strong commitment to the environment, because that’s of personal importance to many employees (myself included). Another aspect of our company that stands out in Silicon Valley is the office culture’s respect for work-life balance. I know many companies value this (even in the technology industry), but VMware has been consistently great about supporting employees with excellent vacation and maternity/paternity leave benefits. There’s no unspoken expectation that employees stay in the office for unreasonably long hours, even during time crunches. Lastly, working for VMware, I feel like I have the power to affect change within our organization. We are quite large and there’s an element of bureaucracy between my level (engineers) and leadership, but I’ve noticed that the leadership team is always willing to listen and observe employee feedback. I’ve seen a handful of beneficial policy changes brought up by my teammates, and it’s reassuring to know we can influence company policy.”


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