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Employees say:


“The mission—to facilitate the financial security of the military community—is at the forefront of every meeting and business decision. It’s the first slide in every PowerPoint; it’s plastered across cafeteria walls; it’s the yardstick by which success is measured. I’m super proud to work at a company whose mission isn’t ‘To make as much money as possible.’ Plus, it’s really cool to work for a company that’s member-owned. When we have to raise insurance rates or scale back on a credit card benefit, it’s much easier to explain and make the case to our members because we’re not stockholder-owned; the members are our owners. And when we make a profit, it’s great to watch leadership give much of that profit back to our member-owners through dividend checks, distributions, and more generous product benefits.”


“I appreciate that the culture is based on honesty, loyalty, and integrity. I am continually amazed at how brilliant and professional all of my coworkers are. Everyone actually does their part and is willing to pitch in. I have not experienced any office politics here, or individuals putting their personal agendas ahead of the team mission. Having come from a company where office politics were the norm, it is amazingly refreshing to work for a company where everyone has the same mission and people come to work because they love what they do and want to do it. I like that employees are encouraged to be themselves and that we have a casual dress code: when you remove the need to be in a suit and tie daily, I think people are much more authentic and it leads to better work. My manager is supportive of my career development and we have regular one-on-ones that don’t get missed. It is huge to have a manager who’s there when I need her, but also trusts me to do my work well and allows me space to work independently.”


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Financial Services & Insurance
Year founded
HQ location
San Antonio
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees9,695
Millennials as % of total workforce34%