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Employees say:


“Working at St. Jude has been the greatest experience of my career. I joined St. Jude right after college and I have loved every minute working for such a life-changing organization. I am able to learn new things every day at work, whether it is from my colleagues or from my research. There is an aura surrounding the hospital, where everyone wants to do their best so that we may move forward to help find cures.”


“People often describe St. Jude as this miraculous place. I’ve always said that if there is a heaven, it looks a little bit like this place. There is a presence here and you feel it everywhere you go. In my opinion, St. Jude is a great place to work because everyone is happy to be here and everyone is happy to help each other out. We are not working for ourselves, but to serve the greater good—the children who are here. For my particular line of work, I have to assemble food items for the kids and deliver them to their respective rooms. I feel that it is an extremely important job. It feels like being a part of a sports team where everyone is important and where everyone is doing something to help someone else. To me, that sense of teamwork is what makes St. Jude such a wonderful place to work. The sense of selflessness that everyone has cannot be matched anywhere else.”


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Health Care
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees1,118
Millennials as % of total workforce27%