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Employees say:


“There are frequent company-wide events. There is a lot of transparency within the company—we have weekly all-hands meetings so all employees know what is going on in the company—both the good and the bad news. My projects are meaningful and I am given significant leeway in how I want to do things.”


“There’s a very positive work environment across the company—more so than at other companies where I’ve worked. The CEO and other C-level executives and managers really make an effort to talk to and listen to individuals. There’s a great work-life balance. The company has a high level of trust in their employees, and expects them to be responsible and to do the right thing.”


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Company Info

Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
San Mateo
# of work sites
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees60
Millennials as % of total workforce33%