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Employees say:


“One of the best examples that I can give about this company being a great place to work is the freedom to innovate. If you believe that you can improve something, whether a major process or part of a daily routine, you are encouraged to experiment. And should you come up with something beneficial, it will almost certainly be implemented. The flexibility and rapid improvement of processes and methods is wonderful. Not only this, but the amount of openness, honesty, and group-over-self mindset is awesome. There is a strong sense of ‘everyone here is smart and trying to make the company better’ and it really helps to minimize politics, drama, and generally help people to accept changes and failures as part of a genuine effort to improve the company.”


“Literally everyone within my department has a voice and is empowered to speak up. If an employee doesn’t like something or feels like there is a process in place that causes pain or roadblocks for their peers or our customers, everyone from the newest people to the most senior have the ability to speak up, present ideas, and pitch new ways for us to approach how we do things.”


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Information Technology
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees215
Millennials as % of total workforce67%