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Employees say:


“The work environment here is absolutely incredible! Everyone is treated as an important member of the team. We are given bonuses when we hit goals, and are encouraged to think outside of the box. It is also incredible that they find a spot for everyone. If management thinks you are a good fit for this company, they will find the best position for you to utilize your strengths, even if that means changing teams or jobs. We are also given the opportunity to bond as a team with team outings and budgets for team mojo.”


“Everyone here works in small groups for a united front. We have awesome leaders who encourage worthy goals with outings and bonuses. Everyone is willing to help each other, whether it be to teach coworkers something new, or to work together to finish a task that needs to get done ASAP! Everyone is welcome to give input on what is problematic and what can be done for improvement, and we can speak to our leaders about issues that come up. We have inspiring team members, and management offers opportunities to bond as well as lift each other up. Management also lets us know about new changes, and seems to value each individual.”


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Advertising & Marketing
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees343
Millennials as % of total workforce83%