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Employees say:


“I’ve never worked anywhere else in my life, but people always tell me how lucky I am to be working for REI. I can’t imagine working for a better company; management is very easygoing and truly knows the meaning of work-life balance. They will work with you however they can to make sure you get the time off you need to spend with family and to make sure you’re taking care of yourself before the company’s needs. They give us all lots of vacation, extra paid recreation days, and even additional days off if we want them. Recently REI sent a team of employees to help open another distribution center in Arizona and I was lucky enough to be chosen to go. Even though it was work, it felt more like vacation because of how fun the entire experience was. I got to meet a bunch of fantastic new people and even spend time with some of the VPs in the company. The leadership at REI really knows how to make life at work fun!”


“Being able to have insurance with a rolling average of 20 hours worked per week [makes this a great workplace]. Most of the time there is within a work-life balance, and I respect that they are truly trying to make a difference in what we as hourly employees are making. They see that this change is needed! I think that I speak for most when I say that we enjoy working here because we love the outdoors and the chance to share those experiences with customers—getting them excited about being outdoors and giving them the tools to have the best time doing that. Having a workplace that feels like family has made me personally love working here so much more than my past job.”


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