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Employees say:


“I love that Publix offers tuition reimbursement for students who attend college. It was a huge help for me financially while I was in school and I am grateful that I work for an amazing company that offers it. I have Publix Super Markets to thank for my bachelor’s degree in business administration and management.”


“I started working with Publix as a clerk at 17. Now at 23, I have been cross-trained in several positions and currently work in the pharmacy as a technician. Throughout these past six years, Publix has shaped my work ethic and inspired me to never settle and to continue learning. From high school to now completing my bachelor’s in nursing, my managers over the years have allowed me to pursue my education while still working for an amazing company that invests in me.”


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Company Info

Year founded
HQ location
Lakeland, Fla.
# of work sites
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees95,388
Millennials as % of total workforce53%