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Employees say:


“Point B truly exists for the benefit of its people. It’s progressive in its thinking about benefits and work-life balance. Also, the company allows for a great deal of autonomy and creative flexibility. The hiring practices are extraordinarily effective at finding candidates who fit the culture. Also, the fact that Point B is employee-owned creates a foundation of trust and personal accountability among everyone who works at the firm. Our management has done an incredible job of curating a unique culture and driving incredible business results while genuinely benefiting the employees. Our management team is the most thoughtful and engaged team I’ve ever worked with. This really makes Point B’s employees feel well connected and that we are in good hands.”


“I’m part of a new position created at Point B that is specifically geared towards those with two to four years of consulting or industry experience. Point B realizes the importance of bringing younger talent into the firm to be the future leaders of the company. Point B leadership is open, transparent, and willing to help wherever possible. The challenges and development opportunities available to younger career individuals is unlike any other firm. Point B will instantly recognize and reward those who knock their work out of the park. I genuinely believe that Point B will be the last employer I will ever work for.”


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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees97
Millennials as % of total workforce15%