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Employees say:


“Before working at Indeed, I was employed by a company focused in social media. I was worried that though I was looking for a more meaningful job, I would have to sacrifice the perks of working in tech (think unlimited PTO, catered lunches, trendy office space, fun team outings). But Indeed proved me wrong, in the best ways. Not only is our mission simple and clear, but everyone is essentially working towards changing the world and bettering people’s lives, one job at a time. Making a difference, along with all the same work perks (except better!), helpful colleagues, and the potential to grow in my career (we span so many industries), makes Indeed a great place to work.”


“Although the company is getting larger, Indeed is very good about distributing responsibility. All engineers are expected to understand their product and look for work that has maximum impact. Product managers enjoy hearing ideas from the engineers on their teams and discussing ways to improve the product. Indeed clearly invests in people for the long term. When I started, I spent three months doing rotations (spending one month with three different teams). During this time, I was given real work to accomplish on each team, learned the technology, and built relationships. It was clear that the company wanted to give me time and space to absorb the Indeed Way without lots of pressure.”


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Information Technology
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees1,907
Millennials as % of total workforce83%