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Employees say:


“Management’s style strikes a great balance between the natural extremes of no direction and micromanagement. They start with the assumption that you are working hard and doing your best and, rather than seeking to implement systems that monitor employees in an effort to verify this assumption, look only to whether you or your team is achieving its goals and moving the company forward. This creates an atmosphere where people are treated as the responsible and competent adults that they are, and in which they can feel free to engage in the substance of their work rather than spend time in pursuit of looking good. It’s a surprisingly healthy work environment.”


“This company gives employees, regardless of age or previous experience, the opportunity to shine and take on big impactful projects. I have only been at the company for eight months, but since the moment I came on board, I have been named the ‘directly responsible individual’ for projects that define and represent the HubSpot brand, including things like the careers blog and the Snapchat account. This company also really empowers women. I have friends who work at big consulting firms who’ve been told they will never be promoted because they are female. But at HubSpot, I have female role models in the highest ranks of the organization, and feel that HubSpot will support my career growth as a female leader no matter what.”


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