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    Employees say:


    “I joined Expedia a year ago and instantly felt like a part of the team. At Expedia, our differences are not only accepted, but also celebrated. We all work together to come up with solutions and improve our processes on a weekly basis. After finishing a project, we talk about what went well and what could be better, and we’re always actively working to try and make things better. I’ve worked at some terrible startups, and one other really incredible company, but this place is the best so far!”


    “At Expedia, employees are genuinely passionate about the intersection of travel and technology, and strive to build the best product possible. While employee satisfaction may vary from team to team, the overall sense is that people love working here. The company is small enough that each employee feels needed and important, but also big enough to offer all the resources necessary to get a job done. The executive management team is incredibly accessible and loves being involved. I’ve never worked at a company where the president would sit down with an engineering team to work out some code before; I’ve seen our president do that on at least five occasions. Both our CEO and our president regularly lead product review sessions and always offer constructive and detailed feedback.”


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