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Employees say:


“I had been working very, very late for a few weeks to catch up and get ahead on work. When my boss (who isn’t based out of the same office) learned how late I had been staying, he instituted work curfews for me to leave the office and insisted that I take at least 1-2 days off within the next 45 days. I got sick a week later, and he texted me while I was at home in bed that I was to take the rest of the week to get healthy and not to even think about work. In this day and age, you hear about bosses that demand employees stay late and rarely, if ever, hear a boss require vacation days. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in a project, I forget to think about what I need, but I have a boss that is looking out for me. I feel incredibly lucky to have a boss that is more concerned about my personal health than work deadlines and to work at a company that not only supports, but encourages this culture.”


“Elite SEM hires based on skill, regardless of location or age. There are employees of all ages at each level of the company because promotions are not based on tenure or age, but on performance. I am allowed to work remotely from home—and earn a better salary than I would locally—because Elite SEM values skills over location. I am also paid way better than the average person with my tenure which makes me feel rewarded for my hard work and motivates me to go above and beyond for the company. Elite SEM is very transparent. Decisions are explained to the entire company, including the financial data around major decisions. Our compensation is based directly on performance. I have the ability to reduce my workload (and be compensated accordingly). As a woman who wants to have children in the near future, this gives me confidence that I will be able to go on maternity leave and have a secure, flexible job when I come back. Elite also has female mentors on payroll to help guide female leadership and make sure we are getting everything we need to succeed. Executive leadership at Elite operates under the premise that employee burnout is a very real risk to the company. We’re often told that they would rather have 60% of an employee than 0% due to burnout (and the employee leaving). Elite SEM gives us the flexibility to make work-life balance decisions for ourselves without having to navigate politics or red tape. I am very very grateful for this and plan to stay at Elite SEM as long as I can.”


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Advertising & Marketing
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New York
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees115
Millennials as % of total workforce92%