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Employees say:


“The best thing about working for Capital One is the tremendous amount of trust between leaders and individual contributors. Even as a relatively inexperienced member of the workforce, I have been given ownership over critical and delicate portions of our business. Every day, I feel empowered both to make significant decisions on my own, and to seek help from my peers and leadership. I am also trusted to manage my time however I see fit—as long as my work gets done I feel free to take vacation, leave early for an appointment, or work from home for any reason. The overall amount of ownership I feel over every aspect of my work makes my job very fulfilling, and that is all I could ask for from my employer.”


“Capital One has truly invested in becoming a digital first organization and prioritizing how they will get there and become a leader in the space. Work-life balance is amazing, so much so that I was able to go through a rigorous part-time MBA program at Georgetown and still excel at my job (and get a promotion). The people here are super smart and they truly invest in your career growth. Continuing education here is great, and everyone encourages learning. Moving within the company is very easy and encouraged after a few years on the job.”


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Financial Services & Insurance
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McLean, Va.
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