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Employees say:


“What makes Baird such a great place to work is the genuine caring and concern that employees have for each other. For every milestone, no matter how big or small, my coworkers find an opportunity to celebrate each other. Colleagues have a genuine interest in getting to know you as a person, not just as a colleague. Baird is also extremely family-oriented, from the generous PTO package, to Baird Nite at the Zoo, where the company rents out the entire Milwaukee County Zoo for an evening with associates and their families. To succeed at Baird, you have to be very self-motivated and willing to raise your hand to advance your career. As a result, for those who take the opportunity, there are chances to prove yourself, even when you’re just starting out in your career. Baird is also very special because of its reputation in the area. It doesn’t matter who I talk to, when I tell them that I work for Baird, everyone mentions how Baird is one of the ‘good guys’ who haven’t been tempted to make profits at their clients’ expense.”


“Even as an intern, you get treated as a full time worker. The people I work with are open to learning from me as much as I am from them. If I don’t understand something, they are quick to teach and help me learn. Everyone is working towards the same goals, and interns are given the same expectations and responsibilities as the full-time associates. For example, when I came to Baird, the team I got put on was in the middle of a huge project. I was welcomed, and thrown straight into the project with them. As the year progressed, I was given individual tasks that were actual business problems that needed to be fixed, and the solutions that I implemented were used by the business.”


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Financial Services & Insurance
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees919
Millennials as % of total workforce29%