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Employees say:


“This company goes above and beyond for its team. We are a family and not just coworkers: All of the upper managers know about you and your family. I experienced a horrible tragedy in my family and the company was there for me and allowed me time to help my family. I wanted to help with a project that came up, but it would have involved separating me from my family. My bosses talked to me at great length about this and although they valued my willingness to relocate, they didn’t think it would be right, given what we had been through. This company does great things for its people. I trust my upper managers to lead me and to help me get to the next position that is right for me and my family. A lot of companies would always think about themselves first; Arby’s always thinks about their people. They believe and stand behind their motto, ‘happy team, happy guest.'”


“I love what we stand for. We have a very simple concept of ‘inspiring smiles through delicious experiences.’ If we ever have a question about something we are doing, all we need to do is ask ourselves, ‘How does this decision serve, refresh, or delight our guests?’ We use this and our values of ‘dream big, work hard, get it done, play fair, have fun, and make a difference’ to guide us in everything we do. I feel a great sense of direction and purpose, and feel that we all play a huge part in making our purpose successful.”


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# of millennial employees19,736
Millennials as % of total workforce79%