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Employees say:


“Adobe recently gave its employees six months of parental leave, and what a blessing it has been. The announcement was made when I was five months pregnant and I was able take advantage of this amazing benefit. I had quality time with my son after his birth. I was able to heal and better understand the role of motherhood before coming back to a career that I love and enjoy. Had Adobe not offered this amazing benefit, I probably wouldn’t have come back to my job and would have decided to stay home. It’s not easy to be a working parent, but the environment that Adobe has created for its employees has fueled my desire to continue my career here. When I tell people that I get six months of maternity leave they say ‘Can I get a job there?’ It’s definitely helped with female retention. The company has also created amazing ‘mother’s rooms’ on-site, and supports groups like ‘Nursing Working Mothers’—something you wouldn’t find at most companies.”


“I admire the fact that Adobe is dedicated to corporate responsibility initiatives that are not heavily branded, targets communities of color and women, and addresses issues of inequality within tech and in our larger communities. I also admire that this commitment is reflected with dollars, jobs and programming. Similar things can be said about our green and sustainability initiatives as well. To be blunt, I love that Adobe embodies, defines and sets the standard for being a creative tech company.”


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Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
San Jose
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Millennials in the Organization

# of millennial employees2,293
Millennials as % of total workforce33%