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According to one millennial employee at this digital marketing company: “One of my favorite things about Yext is the opportunity for professional growth and internal movement. I’ve watched customer support reps wholly supported in successful moves into account management roles, and executive assistants transition into more technical operations positions. The exceeding support and open-mindedness of our management inspires personal success and fosters a great work environment. At a high level you’ve got:


—An executive staff that are close (Howard, Tom, & Sean have been best friends since high school), experienced (serial entrepreneurs), focused (they understand our industry and suite of products intimately and have a clear vision for the company), and approachable.


—Middle management that do a great job of communicating higher-level discussions, advocating for their team members, and setting high goals. They’re also largely Yexters that have been promoted (i.e. little turnover and understand the company’s ethos).


—Individual contributors that are incredibly bright, motivated, collegial, and empowered.


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Company Info

Advertising & Marketing
Year founded
HQ location
New York, NY
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees385
Global employees400
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials280
Millennials as % of total workforce73%