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Says one millennial employee, “I haven’t worked here very long–less than a year in fact. But I feel like the biggest difference between this job and the job I was at previously (for 3 years) is that here, people are actually listened to. If something can be done differently, better, more efficiently, and someone has a good idea about how to go about doing that, the people in charge are willing to listen and to make changes. I feel like I can raise concerns and ideas and actually have something come from the effort it would take to say something here, as opposed to the last place I worked. I think this is inherently a great place to work because we have a mission here that is pure good. Even though I’m not one of the miracle workers, I help support the good work that goes on here, and that makes me feel really good about coming to work every day.”


“I feel like this company genuinely cares about the well being and happiness of the employees. We have the resources needed and are encouraged to use for our physical and emotional well being. I feel we work in a fun environment and are given the things we need to complete our tasks and are able to give our patients the best possible care. I love what I do,” explains another millennial worker.


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Company Info

Health Care
Year founded
HQ location
Memphis, TN
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees3,968
Global employees3,968
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials1,021
Millennials as % of total workforce26%