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    “There is a huge focus on work/life balance here. Everyone in the office is very supportive of one another and there is a genuine care and concern for coworkers as well as clients. Management is very open and involved in making sure everyone is happy here,” explains a millennial employee.


    According to another millennial worker, “Managers recognize strengths and give you the opportunity to build on those strengths. Through the suggestions and help of my managers, I was able to transition into a position that fits in line perfectly with my background and interests. People at Baird genuinely want to see you succeed, which creates the most productive and positive work environment I have ever worked in. My friends and I look forward to Baird Nite at the Zoo year round. It is a great way to celebrate Baird with friends and family.”


    Robert W. Baird also appears at No. 5 on the list of the 20 Best Workplaces for Baby Boomers.


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    Company Info

    Financial Services & Insurance
    Year founded
    HQ location
    Milwaukee, WI
    Type of org
    # of work sites
    U.S. employees3,058
    Global employees3,167
    Web address

    Millennials in the Organization

    # of Millennials819
    Millennials as % of total workforce27%