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    “I feel one of the strongest things about Riot is that every month or so Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill get up and face some tough questions from the company. Anyone can submit a question and everyone votes on the top 10 for them to answer. I think this really helps reinforce our culture values and create alignment about what’s important for us to stay player focused and be an awesome place to work while doing it,” says one millennial employee.


    According to another millennial, “Anyone can ask anyone else challenging questions, offer tough feedback and all still while defaulting to trust. The openness, camaraderie and growth this engenders are unparalleled in my experience. When people talk about learning organizations (where every failure leads to learning and people bias towards growth) I now know what they mean as I’ve lived it for 3 years.”


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    Company Info

    Online Internet Services
    Year founded
    HQ location
    Los Angeles, CA
    Type of org
    # of work sites
    U.S. employees-
    Global employees1,800
    Web address

    Millennials in the Organization

    # of Millennials-
    Millennials as % of total workforce69%