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According to one millennial at the credit union: “Navy Federal is constantly emphasizing empowerment. I’m taught to use my resources and make decisions based on my knowledge and best judgment. My opinion is valued, because whenever there are improvements to be made, the team leaders first ask my team and I what we think and for ideas to improve. I think one of the most unique things is that Navy Federal has successfully ingrained its culture into its employees, providing consistency to the members we serve, and building the relationships between employees for better retention of us. Navy Federal is excellent at providing relocation opportunities for employees whose spouses are in the Armed Forces, making the lives of their families easier with less of a financial burden that comes with relocation.”



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Company Info

Financial Services & Insurance
Year founded
HQ location
Vienna, VA
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees12,604
Global employees12,829
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials5,609
Millennials as % of total workforce45%