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    “One of the things I like the most about working here is that my boss is incredibly supportive and looks out for me as far as making sure I’m achieving my potential and am giving increasing responsibility as my skills and talents develop and I earn them. I also think that this company does a wonderful job of making sure that people feel appreciated for achieving goals and for working hard to meet and exceed expectations,” explains a millennial.


    “Working here I feel like I could have any role in the organization in the future and management would help me develop a path to get there,” says another millennial.


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    Company Info

    Professional Services
    Consulting Engineering
    Year founded
    HQ location
    Plano, TX
    Type of org
    # of work sites
    U.S. employees2,173
    Global employees20,075
    Web address

    Millennials in the Organization

    # of Millennials772
    Millennials as % of total workforce36%