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According to one millennial worker, “Nothing is ever completely perfect in any organization, but the difference at Etsy is that there is a genuine desire baked into the DNA to get things right — to do good work and care about people above all else. As we grow, it makes any stumbles along the way feel a lot better knowing that there are good intentions across the board.


“Everyone at Etsy chooses to do things differently, often meaning it takes a lot more thought and a lot more effort. If you try to take the easy road at the cost of people or simply lacking heart and creativity, you can expect to be called out on it in a way that feels supportive, e.g., ‘that sounds like a great idea…but have we thought about the message that sends to employees who don’t fit that demographic?’ I’ve found that most people at every level of the company are very culturally sensitive and thoughtful and we have a culture that rewards challenging the status quo.”


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Year founded
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Brooklyn, NY
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# of work sites-
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Global employees617
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Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials-
Millennials as % of total workforce73%