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Says one millennial worker at this New York City-based digital marketing company: “It is unusual to have such an amazing group of people all working in one company. Everybody goes way above and beyond to help each other and make everyone feel welcomed. When I first started here, I sent out an email with a quick little blurb about myself. I must have gotten 40 emails back from people welcoming me to the company, talking about things we have in common, and reaching out to help in any way possible. The CEO and the president of the company set up a time to personally meet with you, introduce themselves and get to know you. The work-life balance is another thing. We get emails to make sure we are taking enough time off and using flex hours. Not only do we have unlimited paid vacation days, but there was a new rule implemented that you must take off a full week every year on top of whatever other days you take off to make sure you are getting a solid vacation. How many other companies make a mandatory rule for taking longer vacations?”


“The vacation policy at Elite combined with the family atmosphere makes work life balance absolutely perfect. I responded to an email while on vacation, and was promptly scolded by all four team members on the email thread. Currently I’m covering for a team member who’s able to take a 3-week honeymoon for the same reason. Knowing the entire team from top to bottom has your back no matter the circumstance is tremendously refreshing in an otherwise ‘always on’ space,” says another millennial employee.


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Company Info

Advertising & Marketing
Year founded
HQ location
New York, NY
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees111
Global employees114
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials101
Millennials as % of total workforce91%