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“It’s unique in size, but for such a large organization, it’s amazing how small it feels. Within each office, business unit, specialization, etc. the structure is conducive for individuals to work as a team, which is ideal for me. The ability to work closely with a variety of expertise, from staff to management, allows me the opportunity to grow into my desired profession by learning from seasoned professionals while at the same time teaching less experienced associates. I have a very clear career path and that’s something I’ve never had with previous companies,” explains a millennial worker at this accounting and consulting firm.


According to another millennial, “Crowe invests a lot of effort to keep people thinking about their wellness and has a strong wellness program that includes: a work/life balance, exercise, and healthy eating. Crowe will even help pay for a gym membership. Promotions are given to those who meet the criteria and have earned the promotion. Employees are given many opportunities to take on responsibility and have the opportunity to move up in the company by being in charge of jobs at a relatively early point in their career. The rewards and recognition of those who do well motivates employees to excel in their position. The benefits provided by the company are fair and make things like health care or life insurance affordable.”


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Company Info

Professional Services
Year founded
HQ location
Chicago, IL
Type of org
Private, Partnership
# of work sites
U.S. employees3,000
Global employees3,030
Web address

Millennials in the Organization

# of Millennials1,555
Millennials as % of total workforce52%