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    “First line supervisors are very calm and collected when dealing with employees. I have found that my opinion is always valued and that I can raise personal and professional concerns without concern for negative repercussions. The company encourages a flexible work schedule/commute that allows for a great deal of work-life balance,” says one millennial employee.


    According to another millennial worker: “I love how open and approachable everyone in the company is. It’s easy to be on a first-name basis with executives, and even as someone early in my career, I feel my opinions and views are valued.”


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    Company Info

    Information Technology
    Year founded
    HQ location
    San Jose, CA
    Type of org
    # of work sites
    U.S. employees35,549
    Global employees70,911
    Web address

    Millennials in the Organization

    # of Millennials7,153
    Millennials as % of total workforce20%