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    Atlassian is a blend of humor and serious follow-through, evident in its guiding principles which include “Don’t #@!% the Customer” and “Open Company, No Bullshit.” That mentality extends to its employees, who work hard but don’t take themselves too seriously. They describe the company as friendly, direct and collaborative. Plus, Atlassian offers a slew of other perks, including a beer car on Fridays, a paid week to volunteer, a free daily lunch service and unlimited vacation with their manager’s approval. “The company values really matter at Atlassian,” said one employee. “Not only does management talk about the values, but staff at all levels of the organization discuss them and integrate them into their work.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    Information Technology
    HQ location
    San Francisco, California
    Year founded2,002
    Type of organization
    Revenue (latest fiscal year)
    $215 million
    Web address
    Global employee headcount
    Best Companies rank
    25 Best Medium Companies to Work for (2014), #7
    % of millennials in the workforce60%