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A Gen X employee at this tech company says, “People often say that a company’s culture trickles down from the top. This seems especially true in smaller companies (like ours) and our CEO very much determines the culture at xMatters. His ethics set a standard for being competitive and driving to do our best without creating a cut-throat culture full of backstabbing. His devotion as a husband, father, and community member mean that we set a tone of a balanced life with hard work. While as a company we live in the fast-paced tech world of Silicon Valley, our full picture existence as spouses, parents, partners and family members is well respected and fully accepted within the corporate culture. The company’s view of us as balanced humans somehow magically makes us all strive to work harder given that we have the flexibility and autonomy to manage our lives. Most of us are home for family dinner even if it means starting our work day early or logging back on at night. The company further supports this by sponsoring a personal progression program (3P) where employees are given a stipend to pursue an interest outside of work. These programs can include pursuing an activity with family members and results are celebrated at an annual company meeting where global employees gather for a week of learning and fun (another unique aspect of the company).”


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Company Info

Information Technology
Year founded
HQ location
San Ramon, Calif.
Type of org
# of work sites
U.S. employees100
Global employees199
Web address

Gen X'ers in the Organization

# of Gen Xers77
Gen Xers as % of total workforce77%