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Employees say:

“Separately, but certainly very important, is the unique experience of working in a large tech consulting company to be majority led by women! When Pam Maynard was appointed to CEO in Sept 2019, I had a chance to meet her during her local visits. And it’s not just her at the top! Avanade is a “matriarchy” with 5 c-suite women and 3 women on the board. The overall tone and culture of Avanade is different than anywhere I’ve worked simply because we are led by women. I’ve never been in an organization, or known of any in our tech consulting world, that operate with majority female leaders. It is special and something I’m always proud to boast about to anyone I can including both my daughters.”

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Company Info

Professional Services
Industry Vertical
HQ Location
# Work Sites
Web Address
U.S. Employees3,612
Worldwide Employees17,000
% of Women in the Company34.8%
% of Women in Management (non-Executive)28.32%
% of Women in Executive/Manager Positions27.36%
Date info provided (companies may opt to keep some data confidential)
Aug. 02, 2022