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    An employee says:

    “I feel like I am a true asset to this company and team because they make me feel that way. The way we always have a say in things and are not micromanaged is such a wonderful thing that you just cannot find in a lot of companies these days.”

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    Company Info

    Financial Services & Insurance
    Industry Vertical
    Banking/Credit Services
    HQ Location
    Dallas, Texas
    U.S. Employees2,902
    Employees (Worldwide)
    Total Worldwide [including U.S.] Revenue in the Latest Fiscal Year-
    # Work Sites
    Web Address
    Best Companies
    Best Companies Rank-
    Best Companies URL-

    Women in the Organization

    % of Women in the Company63%
    % of Women in Management (non-Executive)63%
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions38%