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Employees say: “The supervisors and managers are approachable and appreciate any feedback or input that their employees may have. It is a big deal to someone who works on the weekends to feel like part of the family, and they do a great job making sure that happens. When starting out part-time on the weekends, the manager would drop by from time to time to see how we were doing. His team works hard to find ways to make sure the weekend and overnight shifts get to experience the VU Culture.”


“Leadership at this company truly cares about the culture here and making sure that at no point is our culture/values compromised. I never feel like I can’t try new things or find a better way to accomplish goals because it might fail. I’m not afraid to make mistakes and don’t feel like I have to cover my rear end; I’m encouraged to experiment and am given the resources to figure out what might work best.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

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Financial Services & Insurance
Banking/Credit Services
HQ Location
Columbia, Mo.
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# Work Sites
Employees (U.S.)
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Best Companies Rank27
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Women in the Organization

% of Women in the Company51%
% of Women in Executive/Manager Positions46%