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Employees say: “The training that is offered to all employees and the professional development is wonderful! As a woman, I also feel that my company is best in-class through professional development, vast opportunities, and additional benefits (such as maternity leave, employee health program, and work-life-balance).””The CTM off-site is a unique example of how NNI-CTM shows a genuine interest in bringing the department together through the week-long “off-site” meetings and events, offering training and team-building activities that engage the field and office-base employee. The fact that management is willing to put a lot of money and a lot of time into team building, training, and personal/professional development shows me that they truly care about each and every employee and their capability to be successful in their overall life and career while working at NNI.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals
HQ Location
Plainsboro, N.J.
Company Type
# Work Sites
Employees (U.S.)
Web Address
Best Companies
Best Companies Rank73
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Women in the Organization

% of Women in the Company57%
% of Women in Executive/Manager Positions43%