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    Employees say:


    “I am very fortunate that I work at Evergreen. Not a lot of people look forward to work, and I do! I like that they make this a family atmosphere and I am able to speak with my managers about anything professional or personal. I feel like they really care! This type of work environment makes me want to do the best job I can—both for the client, my loan officer, and the company.”


    “I appreciate the respect I receive from my immediate manager and regional manager, as well as the absence of micromanagement and the verbal recognition of value in our company and on our team. From the local office, to our corporate office, to the company owner, there is a true feeling of family.”


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    Company Info

    Financial Services & Insurance
    HQ Location
    Bellevue, Wash.
    Company Type
    # Work Sites42
    U.S. Employees541
    Web Address
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    Women in the Organization

    % of Women in the Company72%
    % of Women in Executive/Manager Positions68%