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Employees say:


“The firm has a policy of demonstrating mutual respect and appreciation across all levels, top-down and bottom-up, and it is not just lip service. Management has implemented policies to encourage people to appreciate one another: happy hours, pro bono opportunities (which include staff), occasions for recognition, mentoring programs, as well as more subtle approaches. It works. I really see that people at all levels generally enjoy their jobs and enjoy the people they work with. You don’t have the severe stratification that you see at a lot of law firms, which also leads to grumbling and resentment. Attorneys feel like they can take time to attend a happy hour, and staff is encouraged to take time for pro bono and community service.”


“One of the things I value about this workplace is the high level of trust. I report to two different firm leaders and both are so trusting of my decisions and encourage me to develop as a leader. I get honest feedback and support, and when something goes wrong, these same leaders are there for me and they help own the challenge. I’m very often made to feel that my opinion really matters. It is meaningful to be called on to add my thoughts or opinions about issues.”


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# Work Sites8
U.S. Employees1,548
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Women in the Organization

% of Women in the Company53%
% of Women in Executive/Manager Positions60%