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An information technology company based in Hagerstown, Maryland, WPS has 24 female employees out of 87 total. But 67% of the executive positions are held by women, as are 56% of management positions. “We look for people who come in with a positive attitude and we turn away immediately from people who say anything negative about their former employer or industry,” said an employee. “Life long learners who are focused on innovation and are excited to be part of a family business are important to us.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Information Technology
Industry Sector
HQ Location
Hagerstown, Maryland
Year Founded1,973
Company Type
$18.0 million
Web Address
Best Companies Rank
Best Companies URL-
Total Number of Employees
Number of Female Employees24
% of Women in the Company28%
% of Women in Executive Positions67%
% of Women in Manager Positions56%