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    HR tech services company Workday has over 3,000 employees, of which 37% are women. Nearly 40% of executive titles are held women, while 46% of management positions belong to women, too. “Workday is a special place,” one employee said. “Our products are technologically superior, our executive team members are seasoned veterans, our colleagues are extremely competent and our corporate culture is one of high ethics and extraordinary fun.” Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    Information Technology
    Industry Sector
    HQ Location
    Pleasanton, California
    Year Founded2,005
    Company Type
    $468.9 million
    Web Address
    Best Companies Rank
    Best Companies URL/best-companies/workday-22/
    Total Number of Employees
    Number of Female Employees931
    % of Women in the Company37%
    % of Women in Executive Positions39%
    % of Women in Manager Positions46%