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This small Atlanta-based wealth management company only has 26 employees, who say it’s a great workplace thanks to a host of perks that include 84 days of paid maternity leave, flexible scheduling, telecommuting options, and 26 days of paid time off, including holidays and vacation days. (See At TrueWealth, women can truly have it all.) There’s also a focus on fitness: all employees are given a choice of a FitBit or a free health coaching. Participation in the wellness program is rewarded with a day off. An onsite gym and fitness classes can help with fitness goals, which, if met, are awarded with $100. Read the Great Place to Work review.

Company Info

Financial Services & Insurance
Industry Sector
HQ Location
Atlanta, Georgia
Year Founded1,999
Company Type
Private, Partnership
$5.8 million
Web Address
Best Companies Rank
Best Companies URL-
Total Number of Employees
Number of Female Employees14
% of Women in the Company54%
% of Women in Executive Positions44%
% of Women in Manager Positions67%