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    The WFC Group, a small Chicago-based workforce management consulting firm with only 29 employees, has an executive team that is composed of equal parts women and men. Even though the company is small enough not to be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, it gives new mothers 12 weeks of maternity leave. It also offers a pre-natal program that lets expecting mothers attend medical appointments with paid time off. All employees are encouraged to work remotely and arrange flexible schedules as needed. Read the Great Place to Work review.

    Company Info

    Information Technology
    Industry Sector
    IT Consulting
    HQ Location
    Chicago, Illinois
    Year Founded2,009
    Company Type
    $4.5 million
    Web Address
    Best Companies Rank
    Best Companies URL-
    Total Number of Employees
    Number of Female Employees12
    % of Women in the Company41%
    % of Women in Executive Positions50%
    % of Women in Manager Positions20%